Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Marathon time!!!

Dear Friends and Family, It is that time of year again!!
We are so honored to be working with and fundraising for such a wonderful organization like Ability First. Collin goes to day camp at Ability First and LOVES all of the staff and wonderful people that work with him. It is a "safe" place for him to go and enjoy being a kid! They have an indoor pool, outdoor covered patios, computers, and other amazing actives that allow him to be included in everything!!
We are so grateful for the love and support that we have received from each one of you over the years. Thank you for supporting us in this change of charities in our fundraising efforts. This will be our fourth year doing this as a family and we LOVE it! If you would like to join us please come on!!! This year we have made it easier for you. You can donate to Collin's fundraising efforts by simply going to this web site.

We would be grateful if you would like to pass this link on to others that you may feel would be interested in supporting our family in our effort.
Thank you,
Julie, Jason, COLLIN, and Regan


jeanjeany said...

Need to go put some money on my card in the morning so i will pop over & donate for Collin then :):):).......Much as i woud love to be there Ireand is just a tad bit too far away :(:( will be with you all in spirit :):):)....Gooooooooooooooooo Collin :):):)
Jules i am sooooo jealous you have alllll those stamps,i have just started collecting,i have 5 sets yipeeeeeee go me !!!!!!!.Such a pity you aren't closer i would certainly be there stamping like a maniac with you :):):)

Have a great day guys :):)

Tim said...

you're getting there, julie! great job and best of luck. glad we are able to help out.

jeanjeany said...

JuLes tried to give a donation but it won't allow me as i am not in the U.S :(:(:(.......Can i give a donation through paypal?????? If so can you contact me ..