Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random Ramblings.....

Well, there has been a ton going on in the Presley house! After having to get a lawyer I took on the L.B. School distict to get Collin a change of schools. Collin is now attending Tucker!!! Yup... I won!! wink! That has been a huge change and a lot of getting used to. I also came down with brochitic (sp??) and the flu... yes, lots of fun! wink! Thank you to everyone that helped us!!! Anyways we have had some high lights over the past couple of weeks for starters I went to the Garth Brooks concert!!!! YES YOU READ it right!!!! I went with Bishop and Vicky. What a blast!!!

Garth and Trisha singing!!!

I got an early morning 1:30am wake up call letting me know that my dad was in the hospital with what they believed to be a heart attack.What a SCARY and AWFUL feeling to get!! He is doing great now!! The kids had a blast making get better cards!!

My amazing sister made these beautiful quilts for Collin and Regan and I kee p meaning to put them up!! She is so talented!! She been quilting since High School!!! THANK YOU AUNT NANCY!!! We love you!

All in all we are doing good around here.... just a little crazy ... but that isn't anything new for us!!!


Eva & Mike said...

Those quilts are beautiful! You gave me the itch to start up again!

Kimberly & Jordan said...

Julie- Sorry to hear about your Dad. I am glad to hear that he is doing better. Nancy is very talented what a special gift!

Love ya!