Sunday, May 1, 2011

Regan's 7th Birthday Barbie Party

 Regan wanted a Barbie theme for her 7th Birthday party.
I had to make sure that it wasn't to "babyish" so
 we decided to go with a Barbie fashion theme.
The stage was set.... 

An amazing cake made by Linda.
If you ever need a cake got to her, not only are
 her cakes beautiful but they are yummy!! 
I ordered barbie silhouettes iron ons from Jennifer.
I bought white t-shirts and then
added the bow and necklace accents
We had four stations set up for the girls to go around to.
They could get their Make up done...... 
their hair fixed.....
{I made each of the girls hair bows to pick from} 
their nails painted....... 
and lastly a barbie station.
My mom made all of the barbie clothing for the
girls to choose from and take home.
{thank you Mom!!}
After all of the girls were made over and put their
 shirts on it was time to WORK IT for the camera!
{I put the back drop in the worst place I
could have... the sun was in the girls eyes... :(}

The older girls didn't mind the sun and
had a BLAST working it for the camera!  

Then it was time to hit ............
the runway!!
I have a fun video of the girls.
Man, they sure know how to walk on the runway. :)
A BIG thank you to everyone that came to help us celebrate our special little girl. It was so much fun and would not have been the same with out all of our little Diva friends. I want to also thank everyone that helped at the party.... Crystal for doing the hair, Ce Ce for doing the make up, and Maw for doing the nails. We were sure lucky to have such a dream team to make the girls look FABULOUS! 


My Blog said...

That cake is amazing! Love the pictures, work it girls!

The Story of us said...

What a fun party!

Trena said...

Cutest party ever!! Love it!

Susan said...

This was just the party Regan WANTED, wasn't it??!!! What absolute fun for all those little girls! Love the fashion shots! You really are amazing at the things you come up with to make a little boy's and a little girl's life truly special!

Simply Sara said...

oh i am totally bookmarking this to save for when my girls get a bit older!

what a FUN party!
love all the stations you had made.
wonderful,wonderful idea!