Friday, May 6, 2011

Hula Hoop Fun!!

This has been a BUSY week!!! Between teacher appreciation, Cinco De Mayo, and our awesome assembly I was at school every day this week. The PTA had the wonderful Hoopapalooza Kid tribe team come to our school to put on a show and get the kids moving!!! It was so much fun!! I have to say that even the two Moms got into a little bit... Ok, maybe a LOT. {thank goodness I was the one behind the camera} I love being part of a school that involves all of the children, able body children and those with disabilities. I am heart broken that the school will be closing at the end of this school year. When choosing what school we would send Regan to next year this was a HUGE priority. Our neighborhood school is AMAZING and most people are surprised when I tell them that we will not be sending Regan there next year. We have decided to send Regan to another AMAZING school, one that has special day and gen. ed children. There are so many life lessons that come from being around "special" friends. I LOVE that when children have been around children with special needs from kindergarten on, they have a love and friendship with them, they don't even notice their differences. Today when we were leaving school we walked by a group of kids.... "Hi Regan!!!!.... {pause} is that your brother???" Regan smiled and said "YES!!!" the friend then went on to ask "is he special??" with another smile "Yes... yes he is special!" and then the two girls parted ways. While we were walking down the empty hallway I asked Regan "is that hard when people ask you about your Bubba... if he is special?" She continued to jump and dance completely unphased by my question and responded "No Mommy... we all love those special kids.... and I love Bubba just the way he is"

I feel that it is my job as a mother to take full advantage of each and every teaching opportunity that comes my way, the kid’s school is the same way. Most children come into Kindergarten nervous, scared of the drool, and unsure of their new friends, by the time they move onto junior high they have made true friends that can easily see past the drool, often wiping it for them. I am grateful that my children have been part of such an amazing school!

 Regan has some awesome hula hoop moves.....
she go down to the ground.... 
and can even make a jump shot while still hula hooping!!!
She has skills!! 


Susan said...

Well, I wish everyone could read this post of yours and know that the kind of understanding for special needs individuals one gets from a school like this is a lifetime of education in itself. I applaud your decision to choose this kind of school for Regan in the future.....although, she could already teach classes in compassion herself.

And hula hooping.

Rachel said...

Love both of your kids, but the world needs more of that compassion your little girl has (and JOY that your boy has!)

My sister... Regan reminds me of her. Willing to beat up anyone who would make fun of me, but happy to accept and include me in anything.

It's a lovely thing for others to "catch" when they are around her :)