Friday, May 13, 2011

One last dose of medicine needed...........

After a fever the other night and what felt like a never ending week of set backs it was time for one last dose of medicine.  
That medicine would be a healthy dose of Disney :)
{there's just nothing like it!}
 Bubba and I picked Regan up VERY early from school {let her take her tests} and then we were off. This week has not only been hard on Bubba but it has been hard on Regan. I have been taking Bubba back and forth to the hospital, doctors, and he has needed Mommy all the time. Jason took two days off from work and the two of them had special time together including a date to get ice cream. She told me yesterday.... "Mommy I miss you.." I missed her too and seeing everyone's smiles. So, this dose of Disney was not only for Bubba but it was for all three of us! :) My back always hurts after lifting him on and off the rides BUT it is always worth it when I see this sweet smile...........
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!
We will be playing!

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Susan said...

Prayers continue for Bubba (and the rest of you, too!) with hopes that things are still going better for your sweet boy. I know you don't want our pity because you know and understand the value of what Bubba brings to all your lives, but you DO have our sympathy for missing those hours of sleep that you so desperately need, the frustration you have to manage each time the seizures erupt out of the blue, and the sadness you feel when you can't do something with Regan because Bubba needs you more at that particular time. If I lived in your area, I'd be at your door, asking to be available to fill in so you could catch up on sleep. My heart goes out to all parents who know this kind of medical duty to their child. God surely knew that you would bear it with such grace and conviction and complete love for your son. But he also would have wanted you to have and to accept help when you need it.
Wishing you many blessings of love, friendship, and more Disney moments to help balance the difficult times. You and your amazing family are in more prayers than you could ever know.