Sunday, May 29, 2011

Perfect Saturday

Regan was invited to a birthday party on Saturday and her friend got sick at the last minute. :(  We did not want to take the chance of going and Regan was not happy about that. So, we had to come up with something fast..... mini golf! Regan has been wanting to go so BAD. Every time we pass the place she will just beg.."PLEASE... PLEASE can't we just go once Mommy!?!?!?" It was a wonderful cloudy morning, perfect for Bubba. We had SOOOOO much fun!!!!!!!! I was surprised by how well Bubba liked it.

To top it off.... they had a TRAIN!!!! 
Bubba was so excited! 
They also had a little roller coaster, too fun!!!!!
We will be going back! 
After we got home from mini golf we got a visit from some special friends...... 
Sweet little Cayden it out of the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this picture of us with our special little boys :)

Then we headed to our friend's home for a BBQ!
Good food and good friends.... can't top that!!! 

Oh, and after all this fun was over Nana and PaPa came over and we got a Date!!!!!


Rachel said...

You're right - sounds like a perfectly perfect Saturday!

Rochelleht said...

Yeah! I LOVE fun family weekends. I'm so glad it worked out.