Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guess what!?!?!?

Regan FINALLY got her surprise on Friday. I had told her earlier in the week that I had a big surprise for her and that it would be arriving after school on Friday. Well, her "gift" hit a couple delays at the airport and she was bummed when we got home and there wasn't anything there waiting for her. I then had to change my plan. I told her that her surprise would be dinner guests. She got so excited and started guessing who I had invited to dinner. When her surprise guests arrived I made her sit in the dinning room with her back to them. I told her she could turn around and first she saw my sister Karen... then she saw Poppie. She was so excited !! I got it all on video but I am having a hard time loading it. We have had such a fun weekend together and have the rest of the week to play! :) I am so grateful to have such an AMAZING mother and sister that can tell when I am overwhelmed with everything going on with Bubba {with life} and just jump on a plane and come out here to play. I am one lucky gal!!!


Rochelleht said...

Wow, what a blessing. Family is what it's all about! So glad you got such a fun gift for the weekend!

CeCe said...

that's the best therapy! so glad you get some fun after all the hard days with collin.

Susan said...

That's the BEST gift! So glad you get this wonderful visit!! The smiles say it all!