Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Please keep my little man in your prayers.

Please keep my little man in your prayers. He has been having several hard days. This evening he started having seizures and was having a very hard time. I had to give him an injection of Valium. Please pray that he is able to relax his sweet little body. Thank you.

UPDATE:Just a little update to let you know that Collin is doing better. After I gave him the meds last night he quit having seizures. We had a very hard and long night... what else is new.. wink! He woke up feeling good and wanting to eat. So, that is always a good sign. He had a hard time keeping his eyes open all day and was lethargic. When he would pull to stand on something he would fall and hit his head... HARD. So, we needed to just keep him in his wheel chair. We decided that he needed a dose of his favorite medication to help him. Yes, we ran to Disney for a little bit. This is a place where he doesn't mind staying in his wheel chair and being carried around. We didn't get any smiles BUT it did make him happy to be out. Thank you all for your prayers!!!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas eve we had Jason's family over to our house. It was lots of fun! We did the usual ...LOTS of food, Christmas story, visit from Santa, put on special Christmas jammies, and left out cookies and milk for Santa! I will update about Christmas latter. Collin has been in a lot of pain and has not slept well in days. So, yes this means that I am functioning on little to no sleep. I will continue this wonderful Christmas marathon latter!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve, Eve 2008

For Christmas Eve, Eve we went up to my Mom's house. We had so much fun with Poppie. The best part of the day was how well Collin did. Collin has a hard time being away from home and the last two times he went up there he had seizures because he was so out of sorts. (This is why Regan and I have so many girls weekends up there.) So, we were very excited when he handled the day just great!!!!! We had fun singing Christmas songs, baking cookies, playing pool on Poppies new pool table, playing with the dogs, and just being together!! It was a wonderful day!!! Like always I took way to many pictures! Here are a few of my favorite!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A day of fun at the Zoo in pictures

We had a blast at the zoo yesterday as a family.
I love, love, love having time to play and enjoy every sweet second of a minimal pain day. I loved some of the sweet moments that were captured in pictures. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Disney Magic!

We wanted to see some Christmas lights the other day. So, where better to go than...Yeah, OK you guessed it. Where else would we go.. wink! We went to Disney Land! it was
cold and we bundled up and had so much fun!!! While we were on small world I was excited when some said something a bout a hidden Mickey and then we found it! Can you find it?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love this time of year... so much fun to be had!

We have been busy with more Christmas fun! Last weekend we had our ward Christmas party! Kristina you did such a good job!!!! The kids had so much fun!!! There was ginger bread house making. Ok.. Regan ended up making a tree???? The kids wrote to the missionaries and of course got to see good ol' Santa! Regan was so funny. When Santa came to her school last week she got so excited that she could not remember what she wanted for Christmas. So, she decided to make a list this time and bring it with her. I think she was on his lap the longest and made sure to read off every single thing on the list. She was the only child that brought a list. It was too funny! She is just like her Daddy! wink!

Then on Saturday the kids and I needed something fun to do while Daddy was studying for his finals. We didn't see him much BUT he aced everything!!!! (We are very proud of Daddy!) I love Disney at Christmas it is so beautiful!!! Collin was in a lot of pain and wasn't sleeping for days. If you look at his face in most of these pictures you can see it. poor little guy! He loved being "out" on a cloudy, rainy, beautiful, Collin kind of day!

I just love this picture of Regan....

Regan and I also had the chance to meet up with my mom over the weekend and have dinner with Poppie and Coach. We started celebrating her birthday a little early. We are ever excited that we get to have our Christmas fun with her this weekend!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My cup runneth over!

There is not better way to start this entry than by just saying my cup runneth over. The past couple days I have felt so much love and so blessed. I truly feel that in the midst of trials our blessings are so much more apparent. I am grateful for all of the beautiful people in my life that are doing things to brighten my day and touch my heart. By surrounding myself with good people at all times it is amazing how much they lift me up especially when I need it most. So, here are some of the amazing people that have touched me so deeply this week.
First off my sweet little girl. The other day she wanted to take some of the money that she has saved and buy some books at the buy one get one free book fair for her friends. She managed to get a lot of books and was very excited! So, here is where the best part comes in...
Mommy "Regan who are you going to give those books to?"
Regan " I am going to give one to Phu yu, katie,Pia, A, Elanore"... and she kept going
Mommy "Did you say A?"(keeping her name private)
Regan"yes, mommy I am going to give A a book for Christmas!"
I was very surprised because A is the class bully. She has picked on Regan many times as well as the other girls in the class. I have seen it first hand. The teachers have a real hard time with this one. I am always telling Regan and her friends to just try. So, you can see why I was so surprised that she said A.
Mommy "That's great Regan is she being nice to you?"
Regan "Well mommy she sure is trying."
ahhh.. I just love that girl. She has the biggest heart and I am SOOOO proud of her!!!!

Secondly this guy is pretty amazing as well. Jason's father has a great relationship with Santa. So, he called him up and asked him to come to Regan's class as well as the special day classes in their school. Jason says that he has a real father son relationship with Santa! wink!!! The kids LOVED him!!!! He is the best guy ever!!!

Some of the Special students all most knocked him over when he came into the classroom. They were so excited. He held the kids and did such a good job! The teachers kept telling me what an amazing Santa he was to take the time to hold each special child in ALL 8 SPECIAL CLASSES!

Collin was not sure at first.......

BUT then he figured it out!!! wink!!!

I don't know what was more exciting seeing Santa or seeing Daddy in his classroom!!! He was one happy boy!


Last night while we were eating dinner the UPS man came to our door with two packages. One for Collin and one for Regan. The one for Collin was from Eli's Angels They are an amazing charity that sends cheer mail to children with life threatening illnesses or terminal illness. So, every month he gets a book from them. In the month of December how ever they send him a nice big package filled with all kind of wonderful goodies! THANK YOU so much!!! You are wonderful!!!!!

Earlier in the day the kids received a package in the mail from Mrs. Pam and the preschool pen pals. This is such an amazing woman that we have never met. She found out about Collin along with other children and talks about them with her students. They pray for them and send them notes. Yesterday Collin and Regan each received a book from them. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Finally the package for Regan was from my mom. She has been busy making some WONDERFUL things for Regan that included....
TWO adorable Christmas dress

And one amazing alligator apron!!!!

Check Spelling

Regan was so excited about it that she wore it to bed!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM!!!
It made Regan's day to know that you love her so much to take the time to make those things for her!! You are the best Poppie ever!!!!

So, now it is plain to see why my cup runneth over. I feel so loved and blessed. THANK YOU all for your love an support!!!!!!!