Friday, December 5, 2008

I am sorry that I have neglected my blog lately. Things around here have been crazy. I will update about all of that latter but for now on to fun stuff!!! Last week was Jason's family reunion. We had a blast!!!! Luckily it was cloudy and a perfect day for him. He didn't have to hard of time. I was grateful for that because I never know how Collin is going to react to a new situation and LOTS of people!!!! So, here are some picture of all of the craziness that is our family!!!

Collin spent a most of the day inside the lodge watching his home
video of Disney Land.

We did have a couple moments like this BUT for the
most part is was good!!!

We played LOT of fun games!

The little cousins had so much fun playing together!

More games! Collin and I were a team and were
so fast you can't even see us ... were as fast as lightining! wink!

The guys competed in a marshmellow contest. That was
too fun!!

The poor turkey never had a chane!

One of the last things of the day was watching
these sweet boys!

Regan is a lot like her Momma. She couldn't just stand
back and watch. She had to show the boys how
its done!! wink!


Jennie said...

I love that you got pictures of them with that wagon! That was hilarious that they figured out how to do it all own their own!

The Gray Family said...

I love family reunions! Glad you had a good time.

Amy said...

What a wonderful family reunion! It looks like you all had so much fun! I love the marshmallow eating contest! I'm glad that the weather cooperated for Collin.