Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love this time of year... so much fun to be had!

We have been busy with more Christmas fun! Last weekend we had our ward Christmas party! Kristina you did such a good job!!!! The kids had so much fun!!! There was ginger bread house making. Ok.. Regan ended up making a tree???? The kids wrote to the missionaries and of course got to see good ol' Santa! Regan was so funny. When Santa came to her school last week she got so excited that she could not remember what she wanted for Christmas. So, she decided to make a list this time and bring it with her. I think she was on his lap the longest and made sure to read off every single thing on the list. She was the only child that brought a list. It was too funny! She is just like her Daddy! wink!

Then on Saturday the kids and I needed something fun to do while Daddy was studying for his finals. We didn't see him much BUT he aced everything!!!! (We are very proud of Daddy!) I love Disney at Christmas it is so beautiful!!! Collin was in a lot of pain and wasn't sleeping for days. If you look at his face in most of these pictures you can see it. poor little guy! He loved being "out" on a cloudy, rainy, beautiful, Collin kind of day!

I just love this picture of Regan....

Regan and I also had the chance to meet up with my mom over the weekend and have dinner with Poppie and Coach. We started celebrating her birthday a little early. We are ever excited that we get to have our Christmas fun with her this weekend!!!!


Heather said...

I know some of those people in the rainforest picture! I can't believe they are still there!

munyer jerk chicken said...

i really miss that long beach ward. sounds like a fantastic party! and i miss disneyland, too. i'm glad you get to enjoy both. have a fantastaic christmas in case i don't make it back to the computer in the next week or so (pajama pants are calling me!!! i have some major late night work to do before thursday!).