Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

When Paw and Maw were here we went to Pa's Pumpkin Patch!! Regan was VERY excited!!! Papa, Aunt CC, Uncle Max, and baby Andrea came too!! It was LOTS of fun!

Our little cowgirl!!

Our kids sure are loved!!
Collin loved the goats!!

Lots of fun with Paw and Maw!

Maw and Paw came to see us all the way from Texas the weekend before last. It was Paw's B-day so the kids made a sign and Regan insisted on putting up balloons all over to welcome him with. Regan and Maw Even made him a B-day cake together! When Collin was in school one morning we went to the beach so that they could enjoy some So Cal Beach life! wink! Regan ate it and a wave toke her out when she was playing in the water. She was not to happy about it! We all really enjoyed having them around and it is always so hard to see them go!!! I haven't been able to travel to Texas in a long time becuase of Collins Health and it is hard to not be able to see everyone. So, it is always wonderful when family goes out of their way to make a trip out here to see us!! We love you!

Can you tell that Collin was excited!!

Big Kisses for Paw!

Dad is that smog?? wink!

My sweet little girl playing in the ocean......

WIPE OUT! She went face first under a little wave.

It is hard doing things like this with out Collin... this picture just doesn't see right. Our lives can be so limited. The beach is one thing that Collin can NOT do! The UV is to high!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a sweat heart!

Tonight Jason got home from work and did not like my wonderful gourmet idea for dinner. After a hard day with Collin Grilled cheese, veggies, and rice was about all that was going to be made in my kitchen. He made some kind of comment and then I acted like I was mad and stormed out of the room into my bedroom.

Regan: Daddy you made mommy sad!!!
Jason: What?
Regan: You made mommy's feelings sad you need to give her a kiss and say sorry.
Jason: Oh, I made mommy sad?
Regan:Yes mister you go make her feelings better and giver her a kiss.
Regan comes into the room and looks at me
Regan: Mommy here is daddy he is going to say sorry... ok daddy
Jason: Hugs, kisses... giggles
Regan: Do you want a time out? No more making mommy's feelings sad
We all laughed and dog piled on each other

The moral of the story ... If momma aint happy, aint nobody happy! Oh, and guess what we had for dinner..... Yup, grilled cheese, rice, and veggies! wink!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun at Disney!

With Jasson being off and lots of clouds our week would not be complete with out a trip to..... yes you guessed it... disney Land!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fun at the Zoo

Jason took this week off of work! It has been great having him home. He has been opening another office here in Long Beach and we don't get to see him as often as we would like. So, we have been taking full advantage of having him around!!! It was cloudy and rainy this week as well.. so, yes we played LOTS! We even let Collin play hookie from school two days!! It was LOTS of fun and he felt good for the most part! Got to love good days!

We started off the fun week with a trip to the L.A. Zoo...... Here are some awards from the day!

The award for the two scariest and cutest spiders at the zoo goes to....

The award for the best smile of the day!

The award for Regan's favorite animal goes to the flamingo... because they are pink and they
hide one leg like ballerinas!

The award for the biggest back pain goes to...

The award for the Biggest sandwich ever made!

The award for the best picture of the day goes to... Regan and her new friend. The Chimp even gave her knuckles!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fun family night!

Abby loved bowling!

Regan loved her pink ball!

For our family home evening tonight we decided to go bowling and we invited some friends to go with us! It was lots of fun!!! We love our family nights! We bowled and the
kids LOVED it then we all
came back to our house for pizza and pie can't beat that!

Baby Lanie Cheered us on!

Collin got two strikes!

Family fun!

The Arroyo family!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fun Weekend!

Happy 33rd Birthday Jason! We love you!

Jason and I had a fun night out! We went and had a nice dinner and then checked into our hotel. Thanks C-C! Jason always gives me hard time about taking pictures.... he calls me popiozi. So, I made him promise not to complain when I took pictures! wink!

We had to stay close to home of course just in case Collin had a hard time. So, we went to Disney Land and did some grown up things after our fun night away.

I promised Regan we would get her pictures of High School Musical.

Then of course we had to go and say hi to Jack!

Having fun with Collin in class!

I always have lots of fun in Collin's class. All of his classmates are amazing in their own special ways!!! Some of the children are very severe and it makes me so grateful for the mild stones that Collin has met!!

Mrs. Woods and Rachelle painting with Chocolate!

Our grandma volunteer reading to the kids!

Collin and Ms. Sandy painting with Chocolate! Yummy!

Mommy helping Sain. His family only speaks Spanish... he likes it when I call him pi co... he is my little bird!

Regan got a big girl bed! She is very excited! Thank you Paw for her big girl bed!

Thank you Poppie for her bed spread!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Congrats Aunt Crystal and Uncle Max!

Just a quick update. Things like always are CRAZY and busy in the Presley house hold! First off we want to say Congrats to Aunt C-C and Tio Max! Collin and Regan are excited to be BIG cousins again!

Baby Andrea Nicole is here!!

(Yes, Regan is a Cowboys Fan!!! wink)

Abby and Regan had a High School Musical movie party the other day! LOTS of fun! wink!

Regan and Brooke having fun and making a mess all at the same time!

Today in Ballet Regan kept getting in trouble for sliding across the floor on her knees. The teacher finally told her that she was doing a jazz move and ballerinas just don't do that. I had to take her out and talk to her. It will be interesting to see how she does at the nut cracker... I have a feeling she might pull out a booty shake and a jazz move here and there! (What ever will we do!)

Collin is doing great!! He is doing wonderful at School and loving every second that he is there!!!! We are in the process of getting his wheel chair updated and a new walker. Jamie's dad is going to have someone he knows that owns a body shop paint it and deck it out for us! you know Collin has to have everything custom! wink!! We are excited that Nana is going to watch the kids so that Jason and I can celebrate our 8 year anniversary this weekend!!! Thank you Nana!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Regan's First Ballet Class!

Here are some fun Pictures from Regan's First day of Ballet!
Stretches and getting ready to start!!

Jessie, Abby, and Regan on the bar!

What a little ballerina!!!

Time to go home!