Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Congrats Aunt Crystal and Uncle Max!

Just a quick update. Things like always are CRAZY and busy in the Presley house hold! First off we want to say Congrats to Aunt C-C and Tio Max! Collin and Regan are excited to be BIG cousins again!

Baby Andrea Nicole is here!!

(Yes, Regan is a Cowboys Fan!!! wink)

Abby and Regan had a High School Musical movie party the other day! LOTS of fun! wink!

Regan and Brooke having fun and making a mess all at the same time!

Today in Ballet Regan kept getting in trouble for sliding across the floor on her knees. The teacher finally told her that she was doing a jazz move and ballerinas just don't do that. I had to take her out and talk to her. It will be interesting to see how she does at the nut cracker... I have a feeling she might pull out a booty shake and a jazz move here and there! (What ever will we do!)

Collin is doing great!! He is doing wonderful at School and loving every second that he is there!!!! We are in the process of getting his wheel chair updated and a new walker. Jamie's dad is going to have someone he knows that owns a body shop paint it and deck it out for us! you know Collin has to have everything custom! wink!! We are excited that Nana is going to watch the kids so that Jason and I can celebrate our 8 year anniversary this weekend!!! Thank you Nana!!


Amy and family said...

Congrats on the new baby cousin! She is beautiful! I'm glad that Regan is enjoying ballet class--even if she does like to throw in some jazz moves;) That's great that Collin is enjoying school so much! And, Happy Anniversary!

Christamae said...

So Regan is taking some artistic license with her moves ;) She'll be a star :) Whose adorable room is that??? So good to see the kiddos happy and having fun...I hope Collin enjoys his new wheels. :) So happy that he is doing well!



The Andersens Four said...

All the ballet pics are soo cute! It makes me excited for Belen next year! BTW- Happy Anniversary!