Friday, October 12, 2007

Fun Weekend!

Happy 33rd Birthday Jason! We love you!

Jason and I had a fun night out! We went and had a nice dinner and then checked into our hotel. Thanks C-C! Jason always gives me hard time about taking pictures.... he calls me popiozi. So, I made him promise not to complain when I took pictures! wink!

We had to stay close to home of course just in case Collin had a hard time. So, we went to Disney Land and did some grown up things after our fun night away.

I promised Regan we would get her pictures of High School Musical.

Then of course we had to go and say hi to Jack!


Grumpwurst (Ray) said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

Keeping with the family tradition of spending the anniversary of our birth at a Disney Theme Park

Amy and family said...

Happy Birthday Jason! I'm glad that you and Julie were able to get some time to yourselves to celebrate!