Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lots of fun with Paw and Maw!

Maw and Paw came to see us all the way from Texas the weekend before last. It was Paw's B-day so the kids made a sign and Regan insisted on putting up balloons all over to welcome him with. Regan and Maw Even made him a B-day cake together! When Collin was in school one morning we went to the beach so that they could enjoy some So Cal Beach life! wink! Regan ate it and a wave toke her out when she was playing in the water. She was not to happy about it! We all really enjoyed having them around and it is always so hard to see them go!!! I haven't been able to travel to Texas in a long time becuase of Collins Health and it is hard to not be able to see everyone. So, it is always wonderful when family goes out of their way to make a trip out here to see us!! We love you!

Can you tell that Collin was excited!!

Big Kisses for Paw!

Dad is that smog?? wink!

My sweet little girl playing in the ocean......

WIPE OUT! She went face first under a little wave.

It is hard doing things like this with out Collin... this picture just doesn't see right. Our lives can be so limited. The beach is one thing that Collin can NOT do! The UV is to high!


Kimberly & Jordan said...

Looks like fun! Your Dad looks great! You're so blessed to have such a wonderful family! Miss you! xoxoxo

Mel&Virgie said...

Julie, We had a great time out in California. We love being with you and your family. You are such a good Mother and Wife. Maybe we can come back when it's not so smokey.(Ha)