Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a sweat heart!

Tonight Jason got home from work and did not like my wonderful gourmet idea for dinner. After a hard day with Collin Grilled cheese, veggies, and rice was about all that was going to be made in my kitchen. He made some kind of comment and then I acted like I was mad and stormed out of the room into my bedroom.

Regan: Daddy you made mommy sad!!!
Jason: What?
Regan: You made mommy's feelings sad you need to give her a kiss and say sorry.
Jason: Oh, I made mommy sad?
Regan:Yes mister you go make her feelings better and giver her a kiss.
Regan comes into the room and looks at me
Regan: Mommy here is daddy he is going to say sorry... ok daddy
Jason: Hugs, kisses... giggles
Regan: Do you want a time out? No more making mommy's feelings sad
We all laughed and dog piled on each other

The moral of the story ... If momma aint happy, aint nobody happy! Oh, and guess what we had for dinner..... Yup, grilled cheese, rice, and veggies! wink!


Wards said...

You and your family are so cute! I still need to meet your little ones! They always bring a smile to my face when I see pictures of them! Thanks for the congrats! We are so excited! I would LOVE bows! Do you have a website???

Eva & Mike said...

That is so precious! Thanks for sharing. It made my day!

Amy and family said...

That was so sweet! Thanks for sharing that with all of us. It put a smile on my face!

The Andersens Four said...

Regan could sure teach Skippy a thing or two... Anyway, YES! I still want the costume! What time for the playdate??

Christamae said...

What a sweet peacekeeper! Someone has taught her well...I am glad that you had some good family time before the rough day...

Have a good week!


Aunt Kim said...

How cute.....hope ya'll are doing okay....sending bunches of hugs and love to all....

Erin said...

How cute! Grilled Cheese, rice and veggies sounds like a great dinner to me:)Hope you guys are doing well.