Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Enjoying some Christmas presents!!

Regan and her new Katie doll in their matching dresses all ready for Church!!

Collin LOVES balls and he got TONS of them for Christmas!

Collin's Christmas present from Nana and PaPa was a family membership to the L.A. and Santa Ana zoos! He loves being out (as long as the weather will let him!) Thank you! We have already gone once since Christmas!

Collin got this awesome car seat as one of his Christmas presents! He was out growing his old car seat and still needed one with a four point harness since he can not hold himself up well enough for a booster. Well, this thing is great! This will last him a very long time! (Until he is 80 pounds!) Thank you Poppie, Nana and Papa, and Great Grandma Jo! We love you!
I was wanting to update about new years as well BUT Collin is having a hard day and does not want to let me do much of anything. So, I will just end with these fun pictures of some of the wonderful Christmas presents that we are enjoying!! Thank you and we love you all!


zuniga family said...

Those are such cute pictures! I love the candy land game. I totally want to go out and buy it for myself.

Amy and family said...

I love all the pictures! It looks like y'all had a fun Christmas! I hope Collin feels better soon.

Erin said...

I love the picture of Collin in the basket of balls. You see just pure joy on his face. Love it!

munyer jerk chicken said...

isn't christmas the best? i'm glad you guys had a good one. the pictures are great. thanks for sharing all the joy. and may the new year bring with it many, many blessings.

jeanjeany said...

Not sure how i came across your blog,sitting here in Ireland,it is 14.45 & i am wondering should i go to A&E as i fell downstairs last night & hurt my ankle,was feeling sorry for myself ,then i read through your blog,saw your beautiful family ,i love the pics of Collin in the basket with the balls,he looks elated sitting there,it is the simpe things that make us smile & i think your blog is an inspiration to any mother.Have a wonderful,happy,healthy & prosperous New Year.

jeanjeany said...

Regan you look like a little Angel & your dolly looks so sweet dressed the same as you :):):)