Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas fun!

We had LOTS of fun this Christmas! Christmas Eve was at our house this year and everyone came over to enjoy food, the Christmas story, and yes even a visit from you know who.. Santa!

Regan was very excited and proud of the gifts that she bought everyone this year. She took her very own money that she saved and went to the 99cent store. With list in hand she very carefully thought each present out. It was very sweet! She was so excited to see everyone oped her gifts!

Christmas morning was so much fun! Regan got her big girl bike that she has been asking for from Santa and Collin got a music/mirror toy.

We enjoyed talking to my dad on our new web cam! It was so fun to have my dad all the way in Texas be a part of our Christmas morning!

After opening presents at our house we went to Jason's parents house. There we opened more presents, the kids played, and of course the boys had to play risk! Regan, Nana, and Tio Max enjoyed playing the the candy land dvd game!

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