Sunday, September 20, 2009

How did you celebrate the first FULL week of school?

The first FULL week of school was a little hard.
There were even a few tears.
Yes, we are ALL still trying to figure out this whole new "school thing". wink!
So, how did we celebrate making it through our first FULL week of school.
We CHEERED!......

and we DANCED!!....

OH, and don't forget this!!!

Jason was on an over nighter with the YM. So, it was just the kids and I. After what ended up being a little bit of a hard week we decided that we needed to celebrate! OK, really at our house do you need a reason to party... I mean come on... every day is a party to Regan! wink.
While we were at our favorite store... Yes, Target.... we found this awesome High School Musical cheerleader outfit for less than five dollars!!! I know you are sooo jealous! wink!

So, our party took off from there. We went home and Regan immediately changed into her new HM spirit wear. Then we took out the candy corn, turned on High School Musical 3, and our party was on!

Regan showing off her AWESOME Sharpay posing...
Is is just me or is it scary how much she looks like her???

Collin showing off his oh so COOL
Troy moves on the guitar.

I think all to often we take the time to celebrate the HUGE things in life.
Collin has given me the gift of a wonderful perspective of each day.
Why wait to celebrate the BIG things when we can celebrate just making it through TODAY?


Krista Jones said...

Great sentiment! I need to remember to celebrate each day!

Zurmely family said...

8 days and counting until we can REALLY celebrate!! =)are you playing hookey with us?

Randi said...

Awesome! I keep reminding myself, "Don't blink!"

Kristi said...

You are so right need to wait for something big to happen. I love you and your great attitude and the awesome mom that you are! Your party looked like lots of fun.