Monday, September 7, 2009

Making Memories of us.... every second of every day!

Sorry I have not been around we have just been way too busy to stop and upload a bunch of fun photos. We have been busy making memories. I have said it before and I will say it again... a good day not lived to its fullest is a day wasted. I LOVE making memories.... memories for Regan to hold on to of her and her Bubba, memories with their loving grandparents, or memories with their crazy parents that would do ANYTHING for them!!!! Collin has been doing very well despite the heat (knock on wood). So, we have taken advantage of every good second of every day! What have we been up to you ask?.... Well, let me share (prepare for picture over load.)
We went to the Aquarium with Poppie (My Mom)

Went and watched Daddy and Regan at the batting cages.

Took Great Grandma Jo with us to the Aquarium.
Boy, she sure loves the birds!

Of course we had to get in some time at Disney!
We met up with our friend Randi while we were there.

Then another day at Disney with Nana, Papa(Jason's parents)
and their cousin Andrea. Regan sure has her PaPa wrapped
around her sweet little finger.

So, this is what we have been up to. We only have one more day before school starts. You better believe that we will be living it up just the four of us as a family. Any guesses as to where we our next adventure will be??????


EvaMarieva said...

No guesses but I bet it will be a blast!!!

Randi said...

Duh...duh...Disneyland? Love you guys.

Kristi said...

Makin' memories! Love the pics, you guys are super fun. I just love Grandma Jo, and I don't even know her! I love it when she's in your pictures, she just makes me smile. :)