Saturday, September 25, 2010

HOT {with a side of peas and carrots}

Today was HOT!
You know that heat + Bubba= seizures
So, we did not go to Disneyland BUT we still wanted to play.
I took the kids to the mall where we had lunch, rode the train over
and over, went on quarter rides, and rode on the carousel.
{Daddy had to work}
I know I just wrote a post about these two and their sweet friendship but really....
they are like peas and carrots!
While they were on the train I had a woman lean over and tell me what
an amazing daughter Regan is. :)
Yes, she is pretty amazing but so is Bubba and the two of them together...
well, that's just perfection! wink!

Isn't it Fall????
To prove how hot it was....
Bubba was starting to act tired, which always makes me a little nervous.
Then after leaving the Mall, two block later I heard a Beep.
I thought it was the radio.
But then it happened again.
I looked down and saw that it was my dashboard.
My van was over heating!!!!
I have never had anything like this happen to me before.
I pulled into the gas station and did what anyone would do....
I called my father-in-law.
He came right to our rescue and helped us out.
Thank you PaPa!!!!!
Who knew that when they change you oil they don't check your water.


Foursons said...

Thank goodness for Father-in-laws!

Both your children are amazing, but I have thought the same thing of your daughter.

sls said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by & leaving a great, encouraging comment! Looking at this post of yours - the mall looks like South Coast Plaza & you mentioned Dland - I'm assuming you live in CA? Right before moving to Iowa we lived in Costa Mesa for a few months & Huntington Beach before that. Even after 5 years of Iowa life, I'm still a SoCal girl at heart :)

sls said...

On second thought - is it Westminster Mall? The carousel threw me off, but WM I know has a As Seen on TV store (WM is my favorite mall - I have a post from like a month or 2 ago with pics from it!) :)