Sunday, September 12, 2010


In just a couple days Great Grandma Jo will turn 80!
Tonight we celebrated her!!
I started thinking about a lunch date we had one day, just the two of us.
While we sat at the table I asked her question after question about herself.
Her greatest Joy is her children, her grandchildre, her family!

She has a special place in her heart for Bubba.
I remember the day that he comforted her like no one else could.
Great Grandpa Roland became very ill with brain cancer.
He went home with Grandma Jo where she, Aunt Sue, and other family members took care of him knowing that they were his last days.
When we were leaving Church I felt very strongly that we needed to swing by and check on her on our way home, so we did.
We got there just as Great Grandpa Roland was leaving his earthly body.
Aunt Sue said it was very peaceful.
When they came to take him away Grandma Jo could not be in the room.
So, we took her into the kitchen where she held Bubba.
She held on to him tight and he just loved on her.
She later told me that no one else could have been able to comfort her in that moment like Bubba did.

Great Grandma Jo made the decision a year ago to stop driving.
She has become an expert at the public bus system.
I will often ask to take her where she needs to go and she will respond...
"all I need to do is take this bus to this bus... I am fine!!!!"
True fact: Great Grandma Jo visit teaches a sweet woman in a nursing home.
In order to get to her she has to take two busses each way.
Round trip it takes her over two hours.
She goes and sees this woman at least twice a month.
I LOVE that about her!
(she won't let me take her :)
When Regan was a baby I would often call Great Grandma Jo while Regan was napping and have her come over so that I could pick Bubba up from school.
I would return to see the two of them cuddled up together on the sofa after Regan woke up.
Great Grandma Jo has NEVER missed a ballet or violin recital, christmas pagent, or graduation for my children.
Grandma Jo wrote regularly to Jason on his mission in Ecuador.
(at least once a month.... and she even snuck him a copy of sports illustrated :)
 Grandma Jo sent checks to one grandchild every month while he was in college.
It wasn't a lot but she never missed a month.
I feel so very blessed to have this very wonderful woman in my life.
Grandma Jo, I know you will never read this because you REFUSE to let anyone get you a computer but I want you to know how very loved you are!!!!
You mean so much to us, to me.
I love you TONS!!!


Susan said...

Incomparably sweet letter to your Grandma Jo. You must make sure she sees it on YOUR computer. What a darling lady! Such precious memories those pictures will be for you in the future!

Anonymous said...

what a blessing not only her to you... but im sure you to her. she has embedded memories and history that will be passed down from generation to generation. what a loving spirit she is i know that your very grateful to have her in your life. :) you should have her read your blog.. i think she would be very happy to see what you have written about her.