Friday, September 10, 2010


This morning we rushed. It seemed like every five seconds I had to fuss at Regan “Keep eating your breakfast… come on we are in a hurry.” Bubba woke up easier than yesterday but his sweet little body is “old’ and takes some time to get going. I stretched his legs and smothered them with his steroids and creams, and then I moved onto his sweet little arms. I looked back at Regan and begged her again “PLEASE eat your breakfast you still need to hop in the shower.” I changed the bandage around Bubba’s sweet little tummy and gave him his meds. He was ready, dressed in his PF shirt that Regan insisted on buying because he has glasses just like Bubba. :)  I put Bubba on the ground and got Regan in the shower. While she was getting dressed I moved onto packing lunches. After I was almost done with Regan’s she informed me that she was not taking her lunch today “Today is Pizza day!” So, then I started on Bubba lunch. Two cans of “milk shake” his tubing, and a syringe. I hurried Regan into the bathroom where I blow dried and styled her hair, a purple flower that she had picked out was the finishing touch. I yelled “Come on, Come on it’s time to go!” Then I smelt it… Bubba had made a gift. I took a moment to change him then continued …”Come on let’s go!” We got to school and Regan made sure she was first in line. When it was time to say good bye she would not leave her spot. She made me come over to her and give her a hug and kiss IN LINE. Bubba watched her walk into her classroom. As she started to disappear in the crowd of happy first graders Bubba reached for her. Then when she was out of sight he cried. I knelt down and made him laugh, he was fine again. I then pushed his chair into his classroom. The nurse was there and I didn’t need to stay to feed him this morning. So, I kissed his little forehead said good bye to the teacher and left. Then halfway down the hall I heard him crying. It broke my heart. For a second I thought about turning around and taking him home with me. You see Wednesday after he had come home from the first day he was so tired his little body started to seize. He was in terrible pain. I paused for a moment and wondered if I should just bring him home…. Is this too much?? Maybe I should just have him do half days for a while?? I didn’t go back though. I kept going to my car and kept telling myself it is FINE. I have so much faith in his Teacher and in his Ms. Sheryl. I know that if anything is wrong they would call me in a second….. Ok, so my mind understands that BUT why is it so hard for my heart to??

Then I came home to an empty… quite home.

Can I have summer back please???????????????????

Here's a picture.... Just because I don't like an entry with out a picture.
{our last day of summer at the zoo}

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Anonymous said...

julie, so sorry that your rushed and that their rushed. seems as if time just goes way to fast... have your read the book "hurried child" i believe that the name of it. very nice one... you are doing a wonderful job, your children love you and they are experiencing life because you are such a good mother. hugs