Sunday, October 3, 2010

The beauty in patience

Family picture have ALWAYS been a fight with Bubba.
We would go to studios and he would get upset.
The final outcome would look forced and unatural.
I didn't like them.
Then we had the most amazing and inspiring family photo shoot ever.
The wonderful Chelle Haney came and spent the morning with us.
She did not pose us.
She wanted us to be natural and play.
These are just a few of my favorite.

She inspired me so much.
She was so patient and captured that beauty that is our family.

I am an amateur but hope to some day be GREAT.
So, why I am I going on and on about this...???
As I am learning I need people to pratice on.
I want more than anything to shoot families that have a
child/ children with an illness or disability.
I know how hard it is to lug in their equipment.
I know how hard it is to take an autistic child and stick them in front of
 lights and strangers only to have them get uspet.
I want to do this for FREE.
I know how HUGE medical bills can be.
I know how much diapers, formula, and therapy can add up.
I want to be patient and capture the beauty that is your family.
So, if you know anyone that fits this description in the local
area please send them over here or give me their contact info.
These are just a few moments that I have captured of
 some BEAUTIFUL people.
{by doing small acts of kindness we can do great things!}
{limited spaces}


jneman said...

What a beautiful idea! Another place you can look to take pictures is your local hospital. There was an article a awhile back in my local paper that talked about a non profit that did something similar and went through the local hospital.

Simply Sara said...

what a sweet idea!
may God go before you and bless you as you serve.

all the pictures in this post are beautiful. they truly capture realness and sweetness.
both you and your friend are crazy talented.

good luck my friend, i know you will do amazing!

Naomi said...

These are beautiful and it is such a great idea! I think photographs are the best gift you can give someone...memories they can hold onto forever. Best of luck :)

Zurmely family said...

i love this idea, julie! you definitely have a gift in seeing this kind of beauty. go for it! i wonder if ability first would let you do a free photo shoot for their marketing department?

sandi said...

What a fabulous idea. How can I help?