Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking in every last bit of summer!!!!

We are taking in every last bit of SumMeR............
I am so sad that school is about to start in just two short weeks... tear... tear.
I am just not ready for it. I will be entering into a whole different
phase of my life. Both of my children will be in school!!!! I will have a
Kindergartner and a fourth grader this year... BIG tear... tear.
The part that I am struggling the most with in this
new phase is loosing my one on one time with Regan.
Even when she was in pre-school we still had a good amount
of time to do things just the two of us.
VERY soon that time will be gone.
Here is the reason that it freaks me out so much....
When Collin is home he takes SOOOOO much of my time.
So, when Regan gets jealous I will remind her of the fun we
had that morning at the park....ect.
Some how I have to find a way to balance this new
scary phase... It really freaks me out!!!!!
So, with all of this said Regan and I have been living up every
last second that we have just the two of us this week!
Collin's summer day camp will end in a day and these moments
of just the two of us will be harder to come by.
So, what did we do?....
We met friends at the beach and stayed there for 3 1/2 hours.

looked for crabs and other creatures in the walls...
and just had fun!!!

We went to Disney Land and did things that Bubba doesn't care for
BUT Regan LOVES... she even made a list.

We rocked out at playhouse Disney....
then we headed over to Turtle Talk
and Regan got to ask Crush a question
"what are you going to be for Halloween?"
We stood in line so see this princess!
Regan had a blast in the water!!!!!

AND she got to pick out what we had for lunch!


Zurmely family said...

haven't you ever heard of playing hookey? hee, hee. Julie - you have been REALLY fortunate to have so much one-on-one time with Regan. Aj will get his only one-on-one time of his life this year. The balancing of time spent with children is something EVERY parent faces and struggles with. There is always someone who needs you and never enough *you* to go around. You'll figure it out. Keep in mind that Regan is so blessed to be in a wonderful family and be surrounded by and extended family that lives so close. She has many things to be grateful for. You are a wonderful mommy and she will never doubt your love or how much you treasure her. It will all be okay. Have confidence in your ability to be a great mom - because you are!!

ray and brandie said...

Is kindergarten a half day at school??? Take her out on special picnic lunches if so. You are a wonderful mom and so creative you'll figure something out!

and if you get bored in that empty house you can have my 4 yr old :)

Mandy said...

Looks like your are living up your last days of summer! I agree that you just may have to play hookey, I am sure the teacher would understand, if she knew the situation. Our summer ended on Tues. Today is the second day of school :(

Jenny said...

The bread bowl put me over...I need to get my passes back! My mouth is watering...and I must say, Snow White's got nothin' on you! You always look stunning in all your pics!