Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 5 continued (Meeting Ali)

We were able to meet another child with TTD!!!! It was such an exciting day for us. I had always wondered if we would ever be able to meet another family face to face. I have talked to several over the phone but never gotten to actually talk to and see a sweet little child in person. Beautiful Ali is four years old. She can walk with a reverse walker like Collin. The two of them were so cute together!!

When I go back east I bring hats with bows and flowers that I have made to give to all of the sweet little friends that we have made that have lost their hair. We were so excited to see how cute Ali was in her new hat!! I LOVE that huge smile!! (For all of you that buy and support Little Diva Hair Designs I want you to see first hand what a portion of each purchase goes towards.... Making a cute little girl that has lost or can not grow hair like Ali even cuter!)

Ok, can I just point out that she is holding his hand!!! wink!!

Two amazing and VERY special children!!

If you change the way you look at things,
The things you look at change.
Are they not two of the most beautiful and brilliant children you have ever seen! What strong spirits, strength and love! I am in ah of both of them.


Laurie said...
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Amy said...

What a special moment for all of you! Ali and Collin are two wonderful, adorable children!

carrfamily4 said...

I am so glad you are having a good time and meeting new people. Yeah I love to walk I could totally use a walking buddy also. so let me know and we can get together.


Jim & Allison said...

I'm so happy for you -what a blessing.Ali's hat looked adorable! That was so thoughtful of you.

Christamae said...

There is a Billy Gilman song called Everything and More with the phrase 'when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.' I love your products-if I was a little girl or had one I'd eat it up! I love the children's inn. nice, safe environments to escape to from medical junk are great. I was so surprised and grateful for all the play areas and entertainment in the rooms at UCSF. I hope this visit is helpful and hopeful!

Anonymous said...

We are soing wonderful! Thanks for asking. What little sweethearts, and how sweet of you to make her a little hat! I'm sure it made her day. You are such a great person!

Evs & The Hubby said...

That is such an amazing opportunity. She is a beautiful little girl and they look like they loved spending time together.

Tawny said...

Sounds like it was an amazing, crazy week. I'm glad you guys made it home in one piece. Traveling with kids is a real adventure. We are blessing Laney on November 16. We would love to have you guys there. Our meeting is at 9am. I have a couple of other color bows I would like and when they are finished I will come get them. Pink with brown, lavender and navy with orange. Let me pay you! You are totally welcome to come see us anytime. I may be out your way early next week. I planned to bring Laney to see Grandma this week but Laney has a cold right now! BUMMER!