Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 4

Collin LOVED this little car. I think he thought he could really get away in it! He thought he was so funny as he tried to escape! I love it!! I will have to start keeping my eyes open for one for Christmas! wink!!

On the 4th day we spent most of the day at the hospital. So, I don't have a bunch of fun pictures. I thought I would show you pictures of the wonderful Children's Inn that we stay at each time we go. It is such a wonderful home away from home for children and their families that are there for weeks to even years while being treated. The staff is sweet and wonderful! I didn't get a picture but Regan's favorite part was checking the mail box. Each room has a mail box and every day the kids get to check to see what was left for them. Collin AND Regan both would get fun little gifts. I can not say enough how wonderful the Children's Inn is!!! It is great to be there with other families and be able to talk to them. It is also wonderful having a fun and safe place for Collin to play after a long day.

This is one of the open living rooms

In the halls are quarter rides (free of course!)

A fun play room for the kids!

A wonderful game room with
pool table, video games, and other fun
things to do.

There are several computer labs
so that people can keep in touch
with family.

Each hall has two kitchens for the
families in that hall....

as well as dining rooms!
There are so many things that I wanted to get pictures of but did not. There is also a tennis/ basketball court. There is a cute playground in the back (I will post pics of that latter.) Every single bit of the Inn is so child friendly and fun! I feel blessed to have a place like this to stay at when we take Collin to the hospital!


Amy & Kyle said...

Oh my gosh...what wonderful place for the kids to stay. Wow Wow Wow! Collin deserves it! The car story is so funny!!!

Jenny said...

What a blessing to have a place like that...just amazing!!

Garrett and Leslie Attwood said...

That place seems great! I love your kids Julie...I can't believe how big they have gotten since I saw them last! How wonderful!!! You are a beautiful and inspiring person Julie! I wish you and your family well always