Monday, September 22, 2008

doctors, doctors every where!

Collin was very busy seeing doctors and going for tests while we were there. I am so grateful that so many doctors are interested in the research of TTD. We understand that it is truly about quality of life rather than quantity BUT maybe with all of this research that will change for future children with TTD. While there we found out that the lack of myelen is affecting the nerve endings in his left eye. This will/can most likely cause him to go completely blind in that eye. Then we will have to wait for it to affect his right eye. If you know Collin you know that he would not be a happy boy if he lost all of his vision. This is a new and hard road we are about to start down. On the positive side Collin's immune levels were up!!! Yeah!! Thank you to all of the brilliant and wonderful doctors that help us!!! There is other news but until testing is done out here I don't want to go into it to much.

"We must accept infinite disappointment,
but we must never lose infinite hope."
Martin Luther king Jr.

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Hoskins Family said...

Our prayers are with you all.