Monday, September 8, 2008

Freakin' seizures, friends, and frozen yougurt!

Saturday we had a fun night planned. Dinner with friends and then head back to our place to play this fun game!! (yes, we LOVE the office in this house!!)
Well, Collin started having seizures:( So, we had to call all of our friends and cancel.:( Sorry we will have a FUN game night soon! Collin was in a TON of pain. (no pictures.. it is just to heart breaking.) We gave Collin meds and he started to calm down. So, we did what any other couple would do at home with a seizing little boy. We got take out and ordered the UFC fight. Yes, we LOVE UFC!!! Ok, can I just say that neither of us thought that Chuck would win BUT I never would have even guessed that it would have been with such a HUGE TKO!! CRAZY!!!

Collin came to and watched some fighting with mommy and daddy!
My sweet little boy finally asleep and at peace. Can I just tell you how much I HATE TTD and Seizures!! I took him to the Neurologist on Friday and she has changed some meds. So, we just have to sit back and pray that it works for him.

We have the best friends! This sweet little girl's mommy, daddy, aunt, and uncle showed up with some Yummy frozen yogurt!!! Thanks Castellos and Freemans!!! We will still play soon!!! Sorry again!

Sunday morning Collin was still asleep when I got up to get ready for church. (8 am church) So, Collin and Jason stayed in bed and Regan and I went to church. I had no idea what I would be coming home to. Well, I was so grateful when I came home to this! A HUGE smile! He is so happy and smiles all day when he feels well after a very hard day/night.
Now I need to ask you all for your prayers. We are leaving to take Collin to the NIH(hospital) in Maryland this weekend. We need him to be strong and ready to travel such a long way. (5 hour flight!!) :( After arriving Collin will have a week of constant appointments and tests. So, please pray that he can handle all of this. Thank you so much!!! BIG HUGS!


Amy said...

Collin will be in our prayers. I hope that your trip to NIH goes well. Give Collin a big hug from us!

dustin and karen... said...

You are in our prayers too! :) Julie, I'm SERIOUS! If you need ANYTHING this week, please don't hesitate to call me! Even if it's to come and play barbies with your little girl! :) I love you Julie!

The Gray Family said...

I know he will do great! We will keep you in our prayers :>)

carrfamily4 said...

Hi Julie,
Collin and your family will definetly be in our prayers. I hope all goes well.


Lindsay said...

Good luck in Maryland! You will be in my prayers!

Evs & The Hubby said...

You (the whole family!) will be in our prayers. I hope teh trip goes well and know that we love and support you.

Hoskins Family said...

We will include you everyday in our family prayers. I hope all goes well with your appts.

Kristi said...

I will certainly be praying for Collin and you guys. I hope he is feeling better this week.

suzy's jewels and gem said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I miss Maryland..Thats where i served my mission and met my hubby.
Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!