Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Count down to school take two!

Collin had yet another hard night of pain. Pour kids just can't get a break. So, we decided to go the Aquarium of the Pacific with great Grandma Jo. It was wonderful!! We got there first thing and there wasn't anyone there!! The animals were playful and the kids made a couple new friends.

Regan made friends with a fun little sea lion. Granny cupcake AKA Kim Ward taught Regan how to play with them and today boy were they playful!!

He didn't' want us to leave!!! Too fun!!

Collin and his new friend the bird!! Yup just made himself right at home on his hat!!

Unfortunately latter in the day all of the pain and problems that Collin has been experiencing caught up with him and he started having seizures at the grocery store. They continued for some time and I had to give him an injection of Valium. He is resting now and doing ok. Sweet little Regan gets so upset when Collin is sick. She kept saying "Bubba you feel better we have school tomorrow.. ok bubba!" I didn't even tell her that he most likely will miss his first day. I didn't want her to get upset or nervous that he wont be at the same school with her. We will see how the night is and what the morning brings. Thank you Nana for coming and unloading the groceries out of my car while I was taking care of Collin and for your help while I washed the throw up laundry!! The kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful Nana! (I feel pretty lucky too!!)


Kristi said...

That looks like such a fun aquarium. You are such a great mom, I can just tell from your blog! I keep you guys in my prayers, I hope Collin can feel better. :)

The Buffingtons said...

Hey you!! I am so glad that you stop by the blog. You look great and your kids are absolutely adorable. How are you doing? And where are you guys living now? We are in SC and liking it. Collin is a cutie. Talk to you later Linds

Lindsay said...

Granny Cupcake?! That is hilarious! I LOVE it!!