Thursday, August 21, 2008

What are you loving this week?

This has been a good week!! I love good weeks! So, I thought that I would share some of the things that I am enjoying about this week.

I loved pushing these two around in a wheel chair at Disney Land on Tuesday! What a great work out!!! wink!

I loved being able to see a moment like this. How many kids are lucky enough to have a Great Grandma???

I love seeing these two play together. Collin ADORES Regan and loves it when she plays with him!

I love the smile that he gets when they are playing!

I love this picture of Collin waiting for the doctor with no pants on! Collin weighed in at 29 pounds and is almost 42 inches tall!!! (8 year check up!)

I love my little chef! She always wants to help! I love it that when we make salad she eats half of it before it gets to the bowl!



Anonymous said...

I'm loving that Mark gets to spend the weekend with all of you!! He misses you and is excited to play with the kids. I hope you all have a great time! I have no doubt you will take plenty of pictures. :)

Jenny said...

I'm loving finding old friends in this blogging world!...My family is great, all married except the youngest, but he's only 15, so it's good! How's Nancy and the rest of your family?

The Gray Family said...

those are some good times! It makes me laugh that Brendan at his 2 year check-up outweighed Collin by almost 10 lbs...he is such a beast! You have two beautiful children. I am loving that my baby is over his ear infection (and I am LOVING the sleep that is coming with that!)

Kristi & Nathan said...

I am loving that my husband and son are coming home from their Colorado trip tomorrow! And like Jenny said I'm loving finding old friends through blogging/facebook. You have the sweetest family Julie, it is so fun to read your posts! I'm glad you are having a good week. :)

rebecca said...

carina and I are loving Reagan's chef hat and mariposa costume. Carina would buy it - I usually spend no more than 25 on a costume but ours aren't usually so elaborate nor are they one of a kind. I'm glad you had a good week your sweet times are touching and ones to cherish. It's definitely the little things that matter but sometimes the easiest to miss. You're so strong. Before reading your blog the other night about your hard week I didn't think you ever had a hard time. Good job being a creative, patient, fun, loving mother!