Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are there slip in slides in Heaven?

Regan has been asking a lot about Heaven lately. So, I thought I would share this conversation that took place. (It is mostly for my own record.... but I hope you enjoy it.)

Regan: "Mommy what is Heaven?"
Mommy: "Heaven is where our Heavenly Father and Jesus live and all of our beautiful angels that watch over us." I was trying to keep it simple ... remember she is only 4. wink!
Regan: "I don't want to go there."
Mommy: "You will love Heaven. In Heaven Collin will be able to walk and play with you. He will chase you and say I love you Sissy."
Regan: "Will he say I love you mommy?"
Mommy: "Yes, and he will sing us songs and give us hugs."
Regan: "Oh MOMMY you know what would be good for Bubba"
Mommy: "What?"
Regan: "Slip n Slides.. Do they have Slip n Slides in Heaven?"
Mommy: stunned by that "uhhh I am not sure."
Regan: "Well, they need Slip n Slides in Heaven because Bubba would love to do it by himself."
Mommy: "Yes, Regan it would be Heaven to see Collin do a slip n slide by himself."

Ok, one more Regan story....
Tonight Collin started having seizures on the way home from church. When we got home I was trying to get everything together and set up for him. Regan had taken out ALL of her puzzles and brought them into the living room. I asked her to please put them away. She then replied "No mommy I can't I am having a party." She could tell that I was not happy with that response. She quickly followed with.. "a get well party for Bubba." Ok, how could i get on to her after she said that. I then went into her room latter to ask her yet again to pick up her mess in the living room. As she was coloring she replied "I can't... Uhmmm.. I am making Bubba a get well card." She is to sweet to him BUT she is figuring out how to use these hard times to get out of chores!! She is to smart!!!


dustin and karen... said...

Julie...I admire your strength! :) Thursday...are you free? Or...basically...what day would you like to have a girl day and relax? I'm thinking a pedicure sounds good too! :)

Hoskins Family said...

Gotta love it when they learn how to wiggle out of things! It's great to keep stories like that for those later years.

Jordan & Kimberly said...

What a sweet conversation you had with Ragen! I'm sure glad you shared!