Sunday, August 7, 2011

I smiled because...........

Last week there were many things that made me smile.....
We went to Disneyland and renewed our passes.
For Bubba's birthday every year our sweet family and friends pitch in to help get our family's passes so that we can take Bubba to get a big dose of magical medicine any time he needs it.
I smiled watching my sweet little boy's smile on Splash Mt.! 
Let's just zoom in on that shot..... Yes, he LOVES roller coasters! 
I also smiled watching the orange shirt lady...... 
Look at her in the first photo with her hands up...
now look at her in the second. :)

I smiled when I saw the new cool ramp at the bowling alley!!!
Bubba loved it! 
Ok, all of the kids LOVED it! 
I smiled at this cute little face.
 I LOVE any chance I get to hold a baby.

I smile every time I go on a train with these two special kids! 
I always smile when we go through the tunnel and we yell!!!!! 
I smiled at the thought that in 9 years Regan will be driving and be able to help get Bubba to school.
Ok, maybe I should not be happy about that last one. wink!

1 comment:

Susan said...

What a thoughtful annual gift from your friends! And the good thing is that you take advantage of USING your passes OFTEN. The picture of Bubba loving the Splash Mtn. ride is adorable.
I love that you find so many things to smile about. It makes the balance in life more apparent. :o)