Friday, August 26, 2011

and the count down to the end of summer begins...........

I don't know what these three will do once school starts.
They have spent at least two to three days a week together.
It has been wonderful!!!!
When school starts play dates will be few and far
between with everyones crazy schedules.
It doesn't help that they each go to a different schools.
It has been so fun to see how much each of  these
sweet girls have grown over the summer.
At the begining of the summer two of these girls could not swim.
Two of these sweet girls would not even put their face in
 the water, mine being the biggest scaredy cat.

This week we celebrated the girls and their awesome new skills!!!
I can't even  begin to tell you how grateful I am for such
 an amazing friend that taught my daughter how to swim.
I mean really, she is awesome!!!!!!!
We all gathered by the pool to cheer for the girls.
Great Grandma Jo had to judge the cannon ball contest, they all won!

Bubba, Daddy, Nana, Great Grandma Jo, Me, and even Stanley came to watch the show.
I have some great video of their water ballet. :)
I don't think I am ready for summer to end.


Amy Eaton said...

Love that last picture ADORABLE!!

Foursons said...

The pictures with the girl's legs on the side of the pool are so amazing. I am loving those shots!

Summer is over for us here, the boys just finished their first week of school and I felt exactly like you do when it was almost gone.

Palmyra said...

Loved the pictures!! And I totally agree with you.., She is the Best!! I miss living close by :(