Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good bye ol' friend.......

When Bubba was five years old we were blessed by the
Make A Wish foundation
with this AMAZING computer desk for Bubba.
We put off making his wish for years becuase we wanted to
make sure that it was for Bubba and it wasn't something that we wanted, like a fancy trip.  
As soon as Bubba got a hold of the mouse we knew we made the right choice. 
For the past six years this wonderful desk has entertained him for hours.... 
It has often gotten him in trouble. :) 

Last night we said good bye to this wonderful desk.
Bubba has gotten too BIG for it, it is dangerous.
We know that our friends will enjoy it as much as Bubba and Regan did.
I had to take one last picture before we said good bye.
Six years later and with LOTS of  wonderful memories
 we said good bye to our dear old friend.


Anonymous said...

So cute.....the kids have grown so much....

Mandy said...

Nice to "meet" you! We are an up and coming wish family as well :)