Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a fun weekend!

My mom called and told me that she was coming down for a wrestling tournament with her hubby. He is the coach. So, of course we dropped everything to meet up. We did some cheering for the AVHS wrestling team, stole poppie and got lunch, and had to go and see the puppies!!! We always love seeing you mom!!! Love you!!

On Sunday we had a little friend over. They made pirate hats and quickly turned into pirates. It was fun to watch them.

We only had one causality. This little pirate got a little to carried away. ....

and this was the result. Good thing Collin will forgive quickly!

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Kristi said...

Kennedy has one of those cameras like Regan has only it has Belle on it. She LOVES that thing! The kids are so cute and Collin looks happy. :)