Thursday, October 9, 2008

Living in today

I love conference Sunday. It is so fun to sleep in, we have 8:00am church meetings, and Daddy and Regan always make conference breakfast. The best part for me was hearing our sweet prophet President Monson speak. He makes me feel so good and comforted. This path month has been very difficult. We have had a lot of trials given to us lately. (if you are close to me than you know what all I am talking about.) We have had bad news with Collin medical issues, as well as all of the other wonderful stuff that I will not get into. I would like to consider myself a pretty strong person but this past month has been very overwhelming. I have had to very low breaking points and then when I was listening to President Monson he spoke right to my heart. There were several things in his talk that stood out to me. He mentioned that "we will all run out of tomorrow's someday, so let's enjoy today." That made me start thinking ...What am I doing to enjoy today? Yes, things are VERY difficult BUT what am I actively doing to enjoy each today that I am blessed with. Another thing that he said that touched me was "Let's find joy in the journey." The journey that our sweet little family has been sent on is not at all what I would have pictured for myself BUT I would not change. Each day is a new adventure and after conquering each new challenge I come away so much stronger, in my faith, in my knowledge of medical information, state services, insurance policies, school district policies, or what ever else is thrown our way. I am grateful that with each trial I do walk away growing in some way. So, although things seem so hard and often times unbearable. I will make sure that I am doing all that I can to find joy in my today!

My two sweet chefs!!!

Cuddling with my little man and playing with him was one of the high lights from the day!

Regan did puzzles during conference but when she was bored she decided to show us her Diva style!

After Conference Regan, Nana, and I went to wish our sweet friend
Jerri a very special 40th birthday!! We love you!!!

Then it was off to Nana and Pa Pa's house. They had cake for Jason to celebrate his birthday a week early before they left for Italy.

Latter in the week I got to meet this sweet little girl!! Oh, she is so cute!!!!

On Thursday my Mom and Coach (my mom's husband) came and stole Regan for the afternoon. They had fun swimming in the hotel pool and playing at Disney Land!

Then to end my day yesterday Great Grandma Jo dropped by to give the kids some books that she bought them. Collin loved his book BUT he loved seeing her just as much!!!
Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.


Stephanie said...

I felt really connected to you reading this. I feel your strength and how much you have grown through your many trials. It has been inspiring to watch you. I will say an extra prayer for you and yours today for whatever extra stuff you are dealing with. I know how hard it is to carry extra trials when you already have a constant one to labor under.

Also, it was great to see the photos and too see Grandma Jo too. Tell the whole big family we said hello. Love and prayers to you Julie,

Poppie said...

Thanks for letting us have Regan for the day. It was great fun. She is more amazing each time we see her. She certainly knows how to rule a man's heart! I love you ALL lots and lots and can't wait for next time!

carrfamily4 said...

I am sorry your family has had so many trials in the last month,but you have a great attitude. Our family has experienced many challenges this past couple of months and you just have to continually put your faith in Heavenly Father and know that you are never alone. You are a very strong person and I know that you will get through these tough times.
Lets start walking asap. email me at and we can figure things out. We can walk and talk and solve lifes problems. LOL

Your family is always in our prayers.


Kristin said...

Hey girl. Gosh I feel for you and want you to know you have been in my thoughts a lot lately. You are so strong! I love the picture of Collin at the piano. His smile just melts my heart. He looks so happy. He couldn't have asked for a better family!

Christamae said...

I love conference, too! I have always enjoyed President Monson's talks. He has so many inspiring stories and thoughts. I for one think you are amazingly strong and positive!! (((hugs)))

Kristi said...

Julie I am so sorry for the things you have had to endure recently. Your family is in our family prayers every night. Chandler loves to say family prayer and he never forgets you guys. He doesn't even know who you are but he will NOT forget "mommy's friend Julie and her son Collin." I know there are countless prayers going up to Heaven for you guys. I appreciate your posts and grow more in myself after reading them. I loved President Monson's talk too! Take care and know that we love you. :)

The Gray Family said...

Julie you are an inspiration to everyone that knows you!