Friday, December 10, 2010

And life goes on.....

Despite having a hard week.... and at times it just seemed to get harder....
{our nurse just quit on us with out any notice :( }
The Christmas Spirit lives on!
We have been reading and talking a ton about Jesus and his birth.
We have been talking about all of the wonderful things he did
while he was on the earth and what we can do to be like him.
{Stay tuned for some of those fun things!}
We have been making handmade Christmas gifts.
{My personal FAVE!!}
We made our Ginger Bread house!!!!
This year it did NOT fall down!!!!
{I was tempted to not put this picture up.... oh, do I look tired
BUT that is how I look right now... tired! wink!!} 

What fun things are you doing in your home to bring in the CHRISTmas spirit???

1 comment:

Susan said...

Well, I think you still look beautiful. And Regan is beautiful. So is the gingerbread house (what fun!). And most beautiful of all is the picture of Regan with her arm around Bubba, looking at the outdoor lights. You are blessed with two such achingly precious children. I'm so sorry to hear about the nurse quitting. How could anyone leave Bubba?? If I lived close, I would help you. I'm not a nurse, so my help would be just too dang pitiful, but my heart would be in the right place. I have to send my prayers instead because Missouri is a long way from you.

I'm wishing you many reasons to smile this weekend, and the surprise of blessings you hadn't counted on. And rest. Lots of rest for both you and Bubba.