Friday, December 3, 2010

My happy moment......

Yesterday the Hubs had the day off from work. While the children where at school we both worked, him on the outside and me on the inside. While I scrubbed the tub and toilet he was working hard on hanging our Christmas lights. We have a small cozy home. In the past we have not done much, just some simple lights. Well, this year Hubs decided that he wanted to do MORE. He got candy canes to line the walk way, more lights and two yes two blow up lawn things. After discussing it with his rational wife he decide that maybe two lawn blow up things were to much. :) I heard him talking to Regan before school “Mom says that we have to take one back…. Which one should we keep?” Ok, so I had to be the bad guy. wink! They decided on the Snoopy one.

After I picked the kids up from school Bubba noticed right away that there was something different with the house. When we got inside he took me over to a corner and was smiling and yelling at me. I thought he was wanting me to turn on the carousel that was there, so I did. He watched it and smiled for a bit. Then he came back and pulled me over to the Christmas tree and smiled and yelled at me. So, I turned the lights on. He then got VERY excited and took me back to that corner. Then it HIT me! He is wanting me to turn the light on outside!!! Last year the switch to the lights was in THAT corner. I was so impressed with how he got me to turn the lights on the tree and then pulled me over to the corner and stood at the window waiting. I got so excited!!!!!! What an amazing way for him to problem solve to get me to understand his wanted. He is so smart!! I wish so badly that I could get into that little head of his and understand what he is thinking all of the time.

When it started to get dark and Daddy had finished putting all of the finishing touches on the front we turned on the lights. To say that he was excited would be a huge understatement. Every year he LOVES the lights. Every year he stands there at the window staring out at them, smiling. Every year he screams and laughs with excitement EVERY time we turn them on. I LOVE IT!!!! :)

Yesterday my happy moment was something simple…. My non verbal child VERY clearly telling me what he wanted!!!.....AND  how excited both the kids got with the lights!!! Wink!!!

I had to capture Bubba's reaction to share with you all.... you can see for yourself.
He was Happy!


Zurmely family said...

just a reminder that just because his body is 'broken', his brain definitely is NOT! what a smarty-pants!! =)

Kristi said...

I sure love that boy and appreciate how he teaches all of us how to enjoy the small and simple things! I love his smile!

Rachel said...

That just totally made my day. Such a rough week and Bubba can always make me smile! Love that family of yours! And thankful that you enjoy Christmas as much as we do! :)

(And I am rejoicing with you over him figuring out how to get the party started early!)

Rochelleht said...

I LOVE those kind of moments. SO often I wonder what is going on in those little heads. My boys keep me guessing a lot, but it's so fun when you see them get something. This last week, Derick has had some great potty success. It is a JOY to participate in this development.