Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What we have been up to around here.....

At the end of last week BOTH of my babes got awards at school!!
Talk about one proud Mommy!!

We went for a walk and looked at the Christmas lights.
{good thing we went when we did... before the RAIN}
Bubba's favorite was the one that "danced" to music.
He LOVED the flashing lights :)
Regan LOVED them ALL!!
My favorite every year is......
Santa's face! :)
It was a wonderful and cold night.

Yesterday we braved the RAIN for a very special girl's birthday.
Regan's BFF had her birthday at build a bear.
To say that Regan was excited would not even begin to describe :)
The orignal plan was to drop Regan off at the party and then I would take Bubba to Disneyland.
Thank goodness Daddy was able to switch his schedule around and stay home with Bubba.
Rain or shine we will go to Disney one day this week!!!!
This pour boy of mine is getting cabin fever!!

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Rochelleht said...

What's with all the wacky weather? We have 81 degrees here. You'd think we were the ones in California. Hope it warms up enough for Disney!