Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I said rain or shine.......

This morning we met up with Jason's sister and her fam.
They are in town for Christmas.
Bubba has been having a hard time and NEEDED a good dose of Disney magic. :)
Don't we look so PURTY in our ponchos!!! wink!

{cousin} Shane got called up on stage to fight the Dark side. 
Cuddles on Small World :) 
There is nothing like driving in the RAIN!!!! 

All of the cousins at Disney! 
cousin LOVE
We also went on Splash mountain twice.
We figured since we were already wet.....
BUBBA loved it!!
We bought the picture but I am having a hard time scanning it.
Promise I will post his BIG smile on the ride soon. :)

The End

1 comment:

Simply Sara said...

so much fun!
and you sure do look purty in your ponchos :)

hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!