Friday, December 24, 2010

The magic of Love

The other night Regan and I cuddled up and watched Beauty and the Beast together. When the movie was over we talked about our favorite parts of the movie. We both agreed that when the beast was magically turned back into the handsome prince was the BEST part of the movie. We talked about it a bit and then Regan said “I wish that could happen to Bubba” I quickly responded with “What do you mean Regan???” she thought for a second “you know… I wish that magic could make Bubba a prince…. You know make his body OK.” The TV was turned off and what was a fun conversation quickly took a very serious turn. I then explained to Regan that Bubba’s body will be perfect one day. “He will be able to run, sing, play games, talk, and do all of the things you want him to do.” This will happen when he goes to Heaven some day. I went onto to tell her that just like the Beast Bubba will be perfected with beautiful “magic” or love.

“You see, Heavenly Father loved us SOOO much that he sent his son.”

“Jesus Christ…. Right Mommy”

“Yes, Regan you are right and because Jesus loves us he was willing to atone for us so that we might be able to live with him again in Heaven. People were very mean and hurt Jesus but he knew that in order to make Bubba’s body perfect some day it needed to happen. “

“Jesus did that for Bubba?”

“Yes, for Bubba and for everyone else here on earth. Isn’t that amazing!!!”

“Yes, Mommy that is magic isn’t it…..”

“No Regan that is LOVE”

With everyone being so busy at this time of year it is easy to forget the true reason for this wonderful holiday. It is the birth of our loving Savior Jesus Christ. I am so incredibly grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that sent his son to live, teach, and die for us. I know how hard it is for me to watch Bubba in pain I cannot even begin to imagine what it must have been like to watch his only begotten son crucified. Jesus Christ knew what his journey here on earth would be and he accepted it with grace, love, and forgiveness for those who harmed him. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Let us all remember in the fun and excitement of this Holiday to rejoice in the birth of Jesus and remember him in all that we do.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours


Rachel said...

Your daughter... she is selfless and tenderhearted and I love how she loves.

I've had a similar conversation with my four-year old who wondered if my ears could be fixed.

Nothing like seeing a child pray for that and knowing that it reaches God's ear.

So grateful for His amazing gift to us. The body that was bruised so that we can trade ours for heavenly ones to live with Him. So grateful that He walks with us each day! Sharing our burdens and giving us joy for our task. He is good, so good!

Wishing you a special blessing on this day of celebration. May God give you something treasured.

Susan said...

Perhaps God's greatest gift to us is the CAPACITY to love. Regan uses hers to the fullest, and in his own way, I'm sure Bubba does too. How wonderful that you can explain to Regan that someday Bubba will get the health she wants for him. Wishing you a magical, inspiring, meaningful day.