Monday, April 18, 2011


 Highlight..... getting to spend time with my little family!! Oh, I love them so much!!!!
 Another HUGE highlight was the beautiful cloudy and rainy weather we were blessed with. The beautiful weather made it possible for us to be able to enjoy DC.
Highlight....... getting YUMMY cupcakes from DC cupcakes!!! {Oh, and did I mention having my sister with us???.... oh, ok... I thought I would mention that one again. wink!}

Highlight........ watching my 36 year old husband scream when he saw Ric Flair's original costume. He kept going around say "WOOOOOOO" {Or how ever he says it... wink!}
Highlight..... all of the beautiful signs of spring EVERY where we looked.

Highlight..... Making new friends.  We always make lots of new friends from all over the world while we are at the NIH. This time we were lucky enough to meet a beautiful woman who like Bubba is allergic to the sun { Xeroderma Pigmentosum or XP}. It was wonderful to talk to someone who understands what it is like to have to take two cars to a party becuase you never know if it is outside until you get there..... and then if it is needing to leave. She has two beautiful daughters and she told me about having to watch their soccer games from the car.  Oh, it was so wonderful to talk to her!!! She is so beautiful, with a heart of gold.
and of course Bubba LOVED on her :)
Highlight..... Having my sister with me... OH, sorry did I mention that one. wink!


Rachel said...

#1. Your sis is beautiful.

#2. Gotta love her concerned expression while your girlie was attacking the cupcake *wink*

#3. Love Bubba's new friend!

#4. Who is Rick Flair???? :)

Susan said...

Following Rachel's lead...

#1. Agreed, your sister is as beautiful as you awesome that she shared this trip with you!

#2. Your life is full of so many stated positives. You manage to keep your own balance intact. Your advocacy of your son is such a strong message and inspiration to others! Now if we could just do something about that government funding of rare diseases!

#3. Regan is very much a part of your team to keep Bubba alive. She will always be his best friend. She deserves every bit of praise and thanks she gets!

#4. Bubba's joyful smile is STILL the most heartwarming thing I've ever seen!

#5. Obviously, Rachel is not a wrestling fan. (for the record, neither am I, but I could never convince my kids that pro wrestling was 75% theatrics when they were growing up. They loved Ric Flair.) :0)