Sunday, April 3, 2011

We are all about making memories

I am all about making memories, making every moment count.
I love that this weekend we got to make some FUN memories with Hunter.
I promised his Dad that I would take LOTS of pictures :)
So, this post is to thank my brother for trusting me
with his son and showing him all of the fun we had!
{I am warning you now..... this is a picture overload!}
Bubba wanted to hold Hunter's hand all the time and Hunter was so sweet about it! 

Regan went on a BIG rollercoaster with Hunter.
She has never done this!! 

It was a hot day and I pushed Bubba a little to far. While I was feeding him some water in his feeding tube he started to vomit. I looked at Hunter and told him that we needed to leave. He did not complain and asked me what he could do to help me. His heart is made of pure gold. Hubs came home from work just a few minutes after us and took Hunter back to Disney to ride some big boy rides. I can't say it enough..... Hunter is an AMAZING young man.

Saturday, his actual birthday, we took the train
 and headed down to the Aquarium.
{Bubba was so excited about that!}

He got to pet sting rays.

We headed to Bubba's favorite part, the birds!!!! 
The birds were VERY friendly that day!!

VERY friendly........... 
VERY VERY friendly............ 
VERY VERY VERY friendly :) 

Regan taught Hunter her trick with the lens
cap and they played with the sea lions together.

We let Hunter pick out where we ate our lunch.
Bubba LOVED it becuase we ate right in front of a bus stop.
{do you see him looking out in the pic?} 
They made him stand and dance on a chair while they sang to him. :)
I got a video but I wont do that to him. 
What is a birthday with out birthday cake!??!
Oh, Hunter Thank you so much for coming and sharing your 14th Birthday with us!
We had SOOOO much fun!!!!
We miss you so much already and can't wait until you come back again.
We love you tons!


Michelle said...

WHAT FUN!!!!! Hunter is lucky to have had such a wonderful time. I know you made it special for him. HUGS!

My Blog said...

What a lucky guy! It looks like you guys had a blast!

Mark T said...

Thank you so much!!! You guys are so awesome, and treated him like a king. He is already trying to plan a trip back. :)

Christamae said...

What a great kid! He will make some girl very happy. I hope Collin recovered quickly.

Susan said...

What a charming young man Hunter seems to be! I especially loved the first picture where Bubba looks so happy to be with him. I hope Hunter does get to come back again so you can share more fun times!