Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today my heart smiled.......

I received a phone call earlier this week inviting us to an Easter egg hunt today. The call was from my sweet sister in law, Crystal. She works at the nursing home that Uncle Bill is now living in. It is such a comfort to know that she is there taking special care of him. Oh, she is AMAZING, she is in her element there and has such a special talent and patience with all of these beautiful seniors.  Uncle Bill had a stroke and was not doing well so the kids have not seen him in a while. I wasn't sure how Regan would do, it just wasn't the same Uncle Bill. The past couple of weeks he has done so well. He looks great and seems to have a renewed love of life. So, this morning I called Crystal to make sure that Uncle Bill was having a good day and he was!! Then I picked the kids up from school and made sure Bubba had a good day.... he did! So, we headed to Nana's house to pick her and cousin Andrea up and left to see Uncle Bill.
 Do you see how he is looking at my Mother in law?? She has a heart of gold and has been so amazing through all of this. He adores her.

This next group of pictures I would like to title "Bubba is ready for retirement"  
When this picture came up on my screen I couldn't help but smile. 
Bubba was so happy the entire time. He wanted nothing to do with the Easter Egg Hunt....
 he was at home and wanted to explore.  
He made a special friend. This man was alone and did not want to be part of the Easter fun. Bubba kept coming back to this room and would wheel right up to him. By the end of our visit they were buddies.

Bubba had to challenge Uncle Bill to a wheel chair rase :)

Bubba, I know that you had TONS of fun today and made new friends but Mommy is not ready for you to retire yet. If it's ok with you I want you to stay with me a little while longer.... please. I know that it is so tempting but I would miss you so much. So, how about we put off retirement for at least a couple more years.


Rachel said...

My heart smiled too! Nursing home ministry has always had a special place in my heart. What treasures live and work there!

I love those pictures of Bubba - and how he made a new friend!

I bet he would kick my butt at a wheelchair race :)

Anonymous said...

Julie Presley, how I love you guys. Uncle Bill is lucky to have people who care for him so much and he does look good. Glad it was a good day for everyone. You made my heart smile. Take care.

Kristi Winn

Deb Cox said...

What a sweet visit! Your family will cherish these memories for years to come. Thanks for capturing the emotions and love in these photos ... and sharing them with all of us to enjoy.

Susan said...

Uncle Bill sure is a loved man! There's nothing more important than knowing and feeling that love coming at you. This kind of exposure broadens a child's world immeasurably, so thank you for taking your children to that wonderful place to see and share time with him. It brightens the day of so many nursing home residents to have a child walk in, even if it isn't someone they know.

Your picture of Bubba and his new friend is another prize winner. What a great ambassador Bubba is! I'll bet that visit made that elderly gentleman's day. That piece of Angel in Bubba is always on the job!

Anonymous said...

julie what an awesome gift. im sure uncle bill loved seeing his family. :) what nursing home is he in?

Simply Sara said...

oh julie.
my heart completely smiled too.
your photography is stunning.
loved every single photo.
truly beautiful!