Monday, April 25, 2011


my baby girl turns seven years old.
Where did the time go??
It seems like just yesterday I was coming
 home from the hospital with this tiny little baby.
Now, she is this beautiful big girl.
We make a BIG deal out of birthdays around here.
Regan is such a sweet sister and has a HUGE heart.
We always go out of our way to make
sure that she knows that it is her day.....
Ok her week. :)

The kids are on Spring Break this week {Yipee!!}
So, last week I took Regan's birthday treat into her class.
She did not want cupcakes she wanted Donuts!
Got to love that girl! wink! 

On Sunday she celebrated her birthday with Pa Pa at their annual party together.
Regan was due on PaPa's birthday but held in there for an extra six days. :) 
What is a birthday with out a little Disney??? 
This morning I took the kids to Disney so that some close
personal friends could wish Regan a Happy Birthday.
You know.... Goofy..... 
and Handy Mandy. :) 
She was SOOOO excited that she is old enough to go on the bumper cars all by herself! 
Oh, I love you baby girl!!!!
Lot's more birthday fun to come!!
{including special visitors all the way from Texas}

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Rachel said...

Happiest Birthday Regan! You are such a blessing!