Monday, March 10, 2008

Hair bow day!

Hey gals! I am going to have another hair bow teaching day. If any of you would like to come and learn how to make hair bows let me know. Hey, it's just another excuse to get together wink!!!!


Luke Hickman said...

It's so cool that you found me! I haven't seen or heard from you in almost ten years! Crazy, eh?

Handing our daughter over to an anesthesiologist was the saddest thing ever. Thankfully we've got Primary Children's Hospital nearby and everything went well.

Your kids are SO cute! Where are you living now? What are you doing? How many kids? Etc.

Erin said...

Yes I want to learn how to make hairbows. Natalie doesn't have any bows at all and I would love to learn!
And we would totally love to do FHE with you guys. That would be so much fun. Bowling, yogurt whatever we are always down.

Bob said...

You probably don't remember me but I am Luke's Dad. I will never forget the night he called me and asked if it was ok if he brought some friends over late at night to watch a DVD. I told him sure, but since I have to go to bed early he would have to keep the volume on the stereo down. About 10 minutes later Luke comes through the door accompanied by 6 of the most beautiful young women I had ever seen. You were one of them. I had to tell Luke then that my estimation of him had grown! His wife is also one of the most beautiful women inside and out too. But I have to say, I truly thought you were a blond. Then again, when I first met Denise I thought she was a blond too! If I am not mistaken, did you not want to be an actress? You seem to have a wonderful and close family and your dedication is certainly apparent. I wish you all well.

Titel Troop said...

Wow how creative you are! My daughter is totally out of hair bows. I bought them in bulk and I think we have just lost most of them. I usually buy my bows from ebay cause I never find any cute enough around here. Your's are really cute!

P.S. My sister and Mom said to tell you guys and Jason "Hi". My sister doesn't have a blog yet but I might talk her into starting one. Do you mind if I add you guys to my friends list! Hope all is well!


The Andersens Four said...

just tell me when... I'll be there!