Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just call me coach

With Bubba I was constantly learning new medical terms... how to care for wounds... feed him through tubes... give medications.

I thought that was hard.

We were constantly at Disney land because that was his happy place.... that we his BIG adventure.

We were on outings all of the time to try to make the most of every second that we had with Bubba, knowing that our time with him was limited.

Then my life changed completely.

I was no longer that Mom.

One day Hubs asked me to go and sign Regan up for Volley Ball at our local park after she expressed interest in the sport.

Regan and I went into the park and rec office and asked if we could sign her up for Volley ball.....

they informed us that they didn't have Volley ball teams but they did have Volley tennis teams and that it was pretty much the same thing.

I later came to find out that no... no it is not the same thing at all! ;)

After the first practice the Coach informed everyone that he was no longer going to be able to coach the girls due to his work schedule.

Before I knew what was happening.....

Yup... you guessed it.....

I some how got suckered into being the coach.

After being finger printed... Yup.. this is legit stuff and I had to be finger printed ;)

I was now officially the Volley Girlz coach ... and had no idea just a couple of days prior that Volley Tennis was even a sport.

I called my baby sister and we youtubed and google searched the rules to the game.

I had no idea what to expect.

When you took one look at our Team we probably came across like the bad news bears..... not a team that would instill fear in its competitors if you know what I'm talking about.

With this in mind Hubs, my faithful side kick, and I taught the girls the basics of the game and above all Team work.

After winning all three games against one team the coach {right in front of my girls} cried about how the only reason that we won was because of the ball.

This coach could not believe a team like "that" could beat them.

This brought on many teaching moments with my girls and how we win and how we loose.

The thing is.....

we haven't lost....

My sweet little Team has rallied together to become the all city Volley Tennis champs.

I am so proud of these girls and all that they have taught me.

With Bubba I learned medical stuff and boy I thought that was hard.....

then I had to learn the rules for Volley Tennis and realized what hard was ;)

With Bubba our days were spent at Disneyland and now with Regan our days are spent at the park.

Everything about the way that I parent... the mother that I am is different.

Everything about our lives has changed.

I realize now how much Regan sacrificed for her brother daily.

She is my Hero.

It is her turn now.

Motherhood is hard ....whether it be to a child with special needs, a child who is grieving, or just a "plain old" kid... It's hard!

I broke down the other day as I was looking at pictures of our family at Disneyland together with Bubba...

worried that I was failing Regan because we weren't going on BIG adventures like we did when Bubba was alive.

Then it hit me this morning in the park after our Volley Tennis win.... this IS her BIG adventure.

This is all her.

Motherhood doesn't have to be trips to Disneyland and grand gestures to be memorable.

I don't have to learn medical terms and new treatments... to matter.... to be important.

My life has changed completely......

and I am grateful for the lessons of Motherhood that I am learning in each new phase.

I am grateful for Google and youtube and a little girl that simply needs a park and her Mom to have a BIG adventure.



sylviamyoung said...

So perfect and so true. I am glad she is finding her big adventure!!! I am glad you are find your new normal! Sending love and hugs to your family from Canada.

Susan said...

You may not realize how much fun it was to read this news about Regan and her team, but it was heartwarming and exciting in all the ways that Bubba's outings always were. You are so wise, Julie. Your perspective of life has been shaped in a special way that makes you see deeper into life's really important meanings and messages. You are important to the girls, not only as a coach who can teach them the basics, but as a coach who can teach them HOW to win or lose with grace. They've got a winner in YOU. Regan is so lucky! Go Team!