Saturday, December 1, 2007

We love rainy days!!

Oh, I love rainy days! Growing up in the south I often fell asleep to the sound of rain and thunder. It's a little peice of home. Regan and I took full advantage of our rare rainy day! We jumped in every puddle that we could find and we laughed and chased each other until our sides hurt!! We had a picnic inside and did nothing! I LOVE days like this!!


Erin said...

What cute pictures of Regan in her rain gear. I love the rain as well. It's too bad we only seem to get them once a year:)

munyer jerk chicken said...

ohhhh... i just saw our little sidewalk that lead out to the street (the same one that i fell off of and made a hole in a brand new pair of pants! how embarassing!). i hope you guys don't ever do that. while we lived there, at least two or three people tripped and fell on that tiny step. it's a lawsuit waiting to happen!

i miss lemon avenue! and i miss you guys, too. it's fun to see your pictures, though. what a cutie your little regan is!