Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We did it!

We did it! We finally decided which school We are going to have Collin transfer ed to!! What a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! For those of you that don't know I have been fighting the school district for a bit now. Collin's classroom (school) is having some problems with staffing for spe. ed. They have had an aid in his classroom that is not competent. He is a VERY sweet man and would be a wonderful grandparent volunteer but he is a liability and a huge risk. (Collin even fell out of his wheel chair because he was not buckled in!!!!) Anyways, after fighting the principal , who does not have spe. ed as a priority at all!!!, talking the teacher, district, and so forth it became apparent that they were more problems than I had originally thought. ( His IEP objectives aren't being worked on, there are to many personal issues interfering with the school, ect. ) I ended up seeking council from and advocate friend of the families that is a bull dog! (Thank you Maria!) As soon as the School District found out that we had a rep they all of a sudden changed their tune and wanted to do anything to keep us from going to the state level. So, after lots of prayers, fasting, and research we decided to just change Collin's school. I don't care for the teacher that Collin would have in 3rd-5th so this was my opportunity to get school of choice. I went with the district rep and looked at the other schools that were his options. I prefer ed one school that was in a less desirable neighborhood BUT the other school that we were thinking about ,that was also a good school, was in walking in distance from the new office that Jason just opened up. So, if there were an emergency .. earthquake, seizures,.. you name it, he would be right there! The second school ended up being our choice and the older teacher has worked with Collin before in summer school and I really liked him. Yeah!! I am so glad to be done with that!!!

Last night for FHE we walked around Naples and looked at the Christmas lights. We invited the Arroyo family, Nana and Papa, and Jason's little sister Crystal and her little family. It was lots of fun! What a fun Cold night!!! Nope no hot chocolate for us! After looking at lights we got milk shakes! wink!


Kimberly & Jordan said...

Milk Shakes! yummy! I can't wait to get home next week. We went to Temple Square and about froze to death and then got hot apple cider!

Amy and family said...

I had no idea you were having problems with Collin's school. I'm so glad to hear that you will be able to have him transferred to a school you are comfortable with. I hope that the new school works out well! You are truly an inspiration to me. I hope that Coult & I can have the strength that you and Jason have when we go to Lily's ARD meeting to determine her placement for kindergarten next year. I may be calling you for advice.

Hull Family said...

I would love to know which school you decided on. I love that you have Maria... I need a "Maria" in my life. Sometimes I just feel like I am the only one fighting for my child and no one even cares to help. It gets so frusterating. Thank you for sharing this story. You are such an awesome mom!