Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I wish that they were all good days....

.... but sometimes they just aren't.

Sunday evening we sat with our family, like we do every Sunday. We ate and enjoyed having Jason's sister and her sweet son visiting. Then it happened. Bubba started having seizures. They were bad, so we left. I scooped him up, held him in my lap on the car ride home, and then gave him his injection once we were in the comfort of our living room. It took an entire day for him to recover.

Today I woke up and started my morning routine of rubbing his sweet little body with his special lotions, stretching him, getting him his meds, and changing his bandages. When I took the bandage off my heart sunk. The skin around his G-Tube was bleeding. It hurt him.... it hurt me to have to do it. This was not good. I called the doctor and got him in for the afternoon.

We played in the morning and enjoyed time with cousins.

Afternoon came and we were off just the two of us.......
Bubba made friends in the doctors waiting room as the other children wanted to see his friend... the DVD player. When we were called back the sweet teen sitting next to us whispered to her mom "Mom look how big his chart is." I didn't have the heart to tell her that it is just one of his charts.
We had to wait.....
and wait.

They weighed him and since his surgery he has gained 3 1/2 pounds.
Yes, that is more in one month and twelve days than he gained all last YEAR!!

So, one of the things that we worried about is happening.
Collin skin is very sensitive, VERY. He is now getting an infection around good ol' toobie. This is scary becuase of his immune system. So, they put him on two antibiotics. If things get worse then we will need to go in for IV treatment. While the doctor was talking to me my eyes started to well up with tears. She reasured me that I am doing everything right and this is just "one of those things." It still breaks my heart. We now have to head back to the dr again this week. Other adventures will be put on hold so that I can take care of one of my most import adventures,  one of my babies.

A friend asked me tonight.... "What get's you through the hard days?"
My response to that is really, really.... by now you don't know....

That smile.


aubry. said...

you are the sweeeeeetest mom and i think i will fall madly in love with following your family through your adventures.

ready, begin.

Kenny said...

So sorry Collin's been having a rough time. I hope this infection clears up quickly. And, I'm pretty sure I've never seen anyone smile as big and bright as Bubba does, even when he's in pain.

Palmyra said...

You are a wonderful Mom, and Bubba is simply amazing.

Rachel said...

Oh girlie - you are blessed!

Blessed because you understand that where your heart is, there your treasure will be also.

And gosh wouldn't I love to see that smile in person.

I kid you not... I click over to your blog because I know that EVERY SINGLE TIME I see Collin, I will smile.

Talk about a gift... that boy has it.

Praying for healing for his skin, and no more infection! And PRAISING Him for the weight gain!

Michelle said...

I love you so much, Julie and admire both you and Collin for your amazing strength and endurance. I am so happy that he is gaining weight and will pray that the infection goes away. Please kiss that sweet smile for me. You are doing an AWESOME job, Momma!

Anonymous said...

you my friend are an amazing mother. our father in heaven knew you of all people could handle taking such good care of his "child"..

your doing a wonderful job not just taking care of his physical needs but also nurturing him and giving him the joys that help him smile and laugh even through the deepest of pains.

your such an example and i thank you for that.

Evie B. said...

What a lucky boy that Bubs is to have a mama like you. Honestly, you ooooooooze with devotion and joy. We'll keep you all in our prayers!

brigette said...

What a sweet boy you have. Im sorry you have this struggle but it seems like you do an amazing job with it!! Thanks for visitng my blog!